With Payments by Wave, our credit card processing system, it's easy to get paid straight from the invoices you send. And with our newest features, it's even easier to get paid on time!

In addition to allowing your customers to pay by credit card right in the invoices they receive over email, we've added two new features based on your feedback.

Choose where online payment is available

You let us know that you wanted to get paid the way you want, on the invoices you want. So now, before you send an invoice, you can easily disable credit card payments. Our Pay Now button can easily be turned off on individual invoices, so you're always in control of how you collect customer payments.

Enter Customer Credit Card Information

You can now process credit card payments manually, right from your Wave account. This means that if your customers call in credit card information, you'll be able to process it. When you're ready to process the payment, select the Add a Payment button. You'll be prompted to Add Payment Manually, or Pay with Credit Card. Select Pay with Credit Card, enter their information, and your payment will be processed!

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